Cookie Shortening

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Product Name Suggested Applications Product Description
Biscuitine Dairy Fat Alternatives, Non Dairy Whipping Cream, Confectionery, Confectionary Filling Fat, Chocolate Fillings, Toffee & Caramels, Pie Crust Shortening, Cookie Shortening, Bakery Filling Fat, Bakery, Cake Shortening, Ap Shortening, Dough Fat, Cream Fat, Frying, Ice Cream Mass, Cheese

All-round flexibility in bakery and confectionery production.

Flavored Fats Dairy Fat Alternatives, Confectionery, Toffee & Caramels, Bakery, Cake Shortening, Dough Fat, Cookie Shortening, Pie Crust Shortening

Excellent butter and milk fat replacer with long shelf life.

Shortfat Bakery, Ap Shortening, Cake Shortening, Cookie Shortening, Bakery Filling Fat, Pie Crust Shortening, Cream Fat, Dough Fat

Multipurpose shortening suitable to meet your bakery needs.